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Damaged Cars & Trucks

If you live in Houston and you are looking to sell your car we buy junk cars. The number of these vehicles is unknown, but estimates say that between four and five percent of the vehicles in the Houston area are junk cars. If you need to dispose of a junk car in Houston TX, Austin TX, San Antonio TX or Fort Worth TX, call us or get an instant junk metal recycling quote.

Old, Ugly, Rusty, Unwanted

No matter what condition your car is in we'll salvage it for you.  Most complete cars we pay you to pick them up because we resell the parts.  If you have and old, ugly or rusty car please call or get a quote online to see if we can pick it up free and also pay you.

No Complicated Paperwork

There’s minimal paperwork and we never charge hidden fees. We'll fill out all paperwork and collect what we need. Just sign the dotted line.  The longer you wait, the more likely rust will start to spread in your unwanted car, decreasing the value of the parts in your car.

Our Advantages

5 Star Provider

We won't bore you with BS.  We are the premiere junk car carrier in Houston.  You are dealing with the best company in the area. Our goal is to get rid of your car in as little time as possible in Texas as well as other surrounding areas. We have high standards for quality control, and our tow truck drivers are the best in the business. 

We'll Work Around Your  Schedule

We’ll schedule a convenient time and place to pick up your car. We are very flexible our availability varies, but most of these appointments can be made within 24-48 hours of your call.

Turn Your Car in To Money

Many people are looking for ways to turn their cars into cash. Whether you're just tired of paying insurance or you want to take some time off to go on vacation, if you have a late model car you could be missing on earning money with your car.

What our clients say

"I called this company due to their great reputation online. I was tired of putting money into an old car that was rapidly losing value. That's when I discovered this junk car buying company. I got cash(depends on carrier most provide check) the same day for my car, the process was super easy and I got rid of that eyesore junk car... my homeowners association was about to tow it. Thanks guys!" 

- Ashley Thompson

"I called Junk Cars Houston to see about selling an old clunker that had been in our driveway for over 2 years. They called me back the next day and told me what they thought it was worth. I really only wanted the car out of my life. They agreed to pick it up and pay on the spot. DONE! The junker has been removed and I have a little money!" 

- Daniel Wood.

"I was looking for who buys junk cars near me and Junk Cars Houston TX paid me to take our junker car that had been sitting in front of our house for months! What a relief it is to have it our of my hair." 

- Sheryl Hamorris


250 W Gulf Bank Rd
Houston, TX 77037


Email: info@junkcarsinhouston.com
Phone: +1 (281) 249-9859

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